LCRCA Update 6.29.2017

LCRCA UPDATE—June 29 2017

Pool 3 IS OPEN

Pool 3 is open. It just passed inspection. The leak and bulkhead are fixed. There are chairs there now. We will get some tables and umbrellas there sometime on Friday.

 Gate Repair Update

The parts are in for the gates and they are being worked on as of this writing. There are still issues to be worked out and we hope they are fixed by the weekend. The gates will continue to be an issue as we work on them after long term neglect. We will continue to work on them.

 Forced Maintenance Update

We are happy to report that as of today, we have zero properties under a forced maintenance program. We had to cut the grass twice on a foreclosed property, but that has since been contracted out. We also think this speaks well to the relative financial health of our Members.

Annual Member Meeting July 15, 2017

This is a reminder of our annual Member meeting on Saturday July 15 at 10:00AM. It is very important that every Member cast a vote. This year, we have three spots up for election. Dave Remley, Keith Stockberger and Walt Thurnau have all decided to run for re-election. At this time, we have no other people applying to run for a seat on the Board. In order to have a valid election, the by-laws require a majority of the Members vote. So please consider voting in person or by proxy. You may vote by proxy by contacting the Secretary, Gary Seagraves. There are others circulating proxy ballots. Your vote is important no matter how you vote. Please send an email to if you want to cast a ballot in advance by proxy.

This is also the time when committees are updated. Please consider getting involved by volunteering for a committee. Please see the website for a listing of committees and reach out to

 ATV Usage

Our security staff has seen a rise in ATV related complaints. This is a reminder for home owners and their guests of the rules our security will enforce.

  1. No driving under the influence (state law).
  2. No one under the age of 16 may operate an ATV (state law).
  3. NO LOUD EXHAUST PIPES or racing exhaust systems.
  4. Stay on roads and off of private and resort property.
  5. Obey all posted signs especially on one way streets.
  6. After 10:30 pm ATVs must enter / exit gates just above idle speed and maintain that speed until destination within resort.   Security will strictly enforce this.
  7. Strictly enforce 15 mph speed limit prior to 10:30pm, then just above idle speed.
  8. Only 1 verbal warning will be issued, 2nd time County Sheriffs Office is called.

Trash Compactor Usage

We continue to have issues with construction materials and appliances being tossed into the Compactors. We also have issues with trash being dropped off near the compactors. This is especially concerning with bear activity near Gate 1. There are signs clearly listing the security number if the trash compactor is full. We can be on top of this with just a little help from you and your guests. It is disappointing that we continue to have these issues. We will move some cameras around to monitor this more closely.

Pool Umbrellas

We spend about $600.00 per year on pool umbrellas. It is very rare that an umbrella bought at the beginning of the season makes to July 4th. We have bought quality ones and cheap ones, but nothing is a match for a quick thunderstorm. We ask that you and your guests simply roll down the umbrellas when you depart the pool. Even on a bright and sunny afternoon. Storms move in quickly. This simple item will save us all a little money and also allow for you and future guests to have some shade in future visits to the pools.

911 Compliance

This is a reminder to get a house number on your home. It is a county ordinance. For those of you that rent your home, your guests routinely need to ask security for help. When they are working on another matter, your renter is lost. You can use House Doctors to affix the number or you can do it yourself. Please get your home in compliance.