Next Board Meeting is Oct. 21 @ 10:00am Agenda Attached

Next Board Meeting is October 21 at 10AM
Since these meetings are lightly attended, we plan to have it in the office of House Doctors at the LCR Sales office. This meeting will include the 2018 budget and the changes heading into next year.


Regular Board Meeting

Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association

October 21st, 2017 10:00 a.m.

Call to Order- President

Roll Call-Secretary

Welcoming comments from the President

 Old Business

  1. Minutes of last regular board meeting 8/29/17
  2. Action Without Meeting 10/9/17

New Business

  1. House Doctors Contract
  2. Dues Leveling
  3. Announcement of 2018 meeting dates/times
  4. Vote to approve the 2018 Budget per Finance Committee Recommendations
  5. Committee Opportunities 2018

Property Manager’s Report

  1. Financial update
  2. Accounts Receivable & Delinquencies
  3. Recent Project Updates
  4. Finance Actions to be reviewed in Executive Session

 Director’s Reports

Open Discussion by Members – 20 minutes Total Time Allowed – 3 minutes per person