Black Bear Sighting

There have been bear sightings from time to time and news reports of their activity in our areas.  We just want everyone to be aware that security was notified of bear activity near Gate 1.  Please make sure to contact security immediately if you see a bear in the resort at 606-561-0719.  Please make sure your guests and renters know.  We live among all kinds of wildlife in the area, so it should not be a shock, but a friendly reminder to keep your eyes open is a good thing.

LCRCA Update 6/22/2017

LCRCA Updates

Annual Member Meeting—Date change

The annual Member meeting will now take place on July 15 at 10:00AM. Place to be determined. Please note this meeting is moved up a week so we have a quorum.

Pool 3 Update

The goal is to have Pool 3 open in time for July 4 Holiday. The pool company we are using advised us that the damage to Pool 3 was caused by improperly closing the pool in the fall. While Pool 3 was drained, it was determined that the best course of action was to properly paint the pool as well. We had similar issues with Pool 5 that caused parts to crack and a bulkhead needing to be replaced.

 Gate Repairs

A lighting strike created major damage, at Gate 2. The lift gate has been raised to avoid risk of damage to passing cars. Parts have been ordered and we believe gate to be back in operation by the end of the week. Gate 3 had a circuit board failure and the parts are ordered. Again, this gate was placed in “open” mode to avoid any risk to homeowners. Although we are not comfortable with leaving a gate open due to traffic, it is our only option. Security detail has been heightened in those areas in an effort to stop any unwelcome visitors. We expect repairs completed by the end of the week. It will take time, but House Doctors is slowly going through all the gates and making proper repairs. Like the pools, the gates appeared to be repaired in a temporary and makeshift manner. While it is not visible, there are major upgrades and work going on to straighten these out. It will take time. Some of the major overhauls will not be completed in 2017, but we are confident these gates will work better than ever.

House Doctors

We have had comments from two owners that we are encouraging everyone to use House Doctors and it did not seem appropriate to them. We are indeed encouraging everyone to use House Doctors and we do think it is appropriate. All one has to do is look at the work completed in the resort. We have had dozens of comments that the resort looks “better than ever”. We have gotten more projects completed with less of a budget. We paid Bell Property Management more than we are paying House Doctors today. That is all due to House Doctors taking a calculated risk. Their core business is home repair. Their goal was do a good job on the resort to give them opportunities to quote other business. Prior to 2017, the number one member complaint was being able to find a quality person or company to do general repairs. We found it in House Doctors. While no one is obligated to do business with House Doctors, I don’t know why you would not at least get a quote from them. Ask the folks in the resort that have used them. We have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Note from House Doctors

There are members that have minor concrete work that they want to get completed. It is most cost effective to use an entire batch of concrete. If anyone has a concrete project that they want to get completed, please contact us as soon as possible. Buying in bulk, at one time, could save everyone hundreds of dollars.   Call 606-677-0799 or email

Finance Update

The one comment that has consistently come out of the Quarterly Meetings is who owes us money and who has liens filed on their property. Below is the public record of liens that we have filed. The good news is the Huber property has been foreclosed on. We are working with the new bank owner to get payment. After Huber we have eight properties with liens or some legal judgment. We also have two additional owners with past due balances owed, but no lien yet.

z Huber 104R  HOA lien 70/646 dtd 09-04-2014; 46/555 dtd 10-16-08; 59/341 dtd 06-2011; 38/297 dtd 04-18-2007
Z KLEMAN 55R  HOA liens  70/647 dtd 09-03-2014; 66/544 dtd 05-22-2013; 60/540 dtd 08-24-2011; 62/325 dtd 02-29-2012
z Jennings Slaughter/Hoyt Lucas 24R       RJ lien 76/679                dtd 03-15-2017
Z COX 25V         HOA lien 76/276 dtd 12-12-2016
Z KLEMAN 56R  HOA lien 66/546 dtd 05-22-2013
z Carter 102R     HOA lien 76/272 dtd 12-12-2016
z Lucas 37C       HOA lien 76/283 dtd 12-12-2016
Z Linkmeyer 15 IC HOA lien 76/281 dtd 12-12-2016
Z THOMPSON 30E HOA lien 76/586 dtd 02-28-2017

Contact us

Please continue to use with any questions. We are happy to give people updates between these periodic email letters.

Memorial Day Update

This is a quick update from our May 16th letter regarding Pools, Service, :

Pools: From our previous posting all pools received considerable attention along with investment during Spring clean-up. This week expect Pools behind Gates #1 & #5 to open ahead of schedule and ready for the season. Both locations received upgraded housing, equipment, electric, and landscaping. There continues to be issues with Pool #3 as previously communicated, Oasis Pools is out this week to provide solutions. We hope there is a quick resolution but are not sure at this point. Our pools turned 20 years old and wear and tear can be a challenge. Until we can verify a fix please be guided to utilize Polls #1 & #5 until further notice. Once we get a solution you will updated immediately, at this point Pool #3 will be closed until further notice.

Dumpster concerns: Thanks for sending your thoughts and support on resolving issues with oversized items at the dumpsters. Based on recommendations we believe a better solution is to sign each location with instructions on acceptable debris. With items outside of guidelines there will be contact numbers for both House Doctors & Security for solutions.

Communication: We ask that you continue to utilize for requests or to answer any questions or concerns. The message is copied to the Board which allows us to discuss, decide, and deliver the best fact based details.  We have been sending out these email notices regularly as well as keeping the web site updated.  If you are receiving information from sources other than Board Meetings, Directors, or from our regular communication, then it is probably a rumor.  If you want to confirm anything please send us a note, we will do our best to provide timely responses even if the message is challenging such as the Pool 3 issues.

Worker Compensation Coverage: We continue to remind everyone that 3rd party services should provide evidence of coverage if working at your property.  If someone provides a 2017 certificate it does not guarantee their premium was paid. You have the right to ask for direct contact information for their agent to confirm coverage. By utilizing House Doctors you are guaranteed Worker Comp Coverage (confirmed when we signed contract and again on May 22, 2017). In addition to coverage HD will provide you with work guarantee and follow through. Service feedback from Homeowners has been excellent.

Restaurant: The restaurant is now open, please stop by and checkout the upgraded building, menu, and grocery selections. Although not part of LCRCA or supported by HOA funds it has proven to be a very important part of our community. We appreciate having the amenities for the resort as a whole.

Welcome Summer Season

From: LCR Board

Greetings, looking forward to a busy Summer Season as the resort readies for the Memorial Day kick-off.

Again the Board would like to Thank all Homeowners attending Saturday’s very productive meeting, we appreciate your feedback and support. Couple of topics that we would like share:

Pools – All three pools received considerable attention this spring, the following is a quick summary;

Pool #1: Reconditioned gaskets, electrical update, grounds, and pool house siding – ready for inspection.

Pool #3 Reconditioned gaskets & PVC, bottom-up new pool house & electrical, fence repaired, grounds. Over the weekend we experienced a leak and expect pool company out Monday to determine issue and schedule repairs. The pool house has been expanded to accommodate chemicals and meet proper storage requirements. Will be ready for inspection within the week.

Pool #5 Reconditioned gaskets, bulk head replacement in process , bottom painted, pool house recondition including electrical, grounds. Will be ready for inspection within the week.

Gate #5 Gazebo – we are in the process of reconditioning entire structure, grounds to be cleared & replaced with grass to minimize maintenance.

Dumpsters – we are in serious need of everyone working to managed dumpster expense and damage. In a previous update we ask that if you have large items to remove from your property please do  not deposit at the dumpster. The rule for dumpster use is simple – if it does not fit through the deposit door do not leave. In addition there are numerous rules related to landfill management that include no Batteries, Paint, Televisions, Refrigeration, Construction debris, or toxic materials that impact ground water. If you have large items that need removal please contact House Doctors and arrange for removal at a nominal fee. HD Main Office: 606-677-0799

Operational Update on Maintenance & Restaurant

Our #1 Board complaint has been reliable, licensed, and insured Service Techs. Additionally if by chance when you made contact and set arrangements in most cases it cost our Homeowners additional time off work or vacation days. Our goal continues to drive the Homeowner Value and Experience as an investor in Lake Cumberland Resort.

Service – House Doctors in the first 4 months has really began to catch on as the support builds. We thank the Owners who have entrusted HD to complete work or solicit service quote. Although unofficial we are getting plenty of good feedback on HD presence at Resort, availability, competitive work quotes, and service backed with a guarantee.  If you are planning any future house projects please make sure you contact HD as soon as possible for your own personal repair needs and grounds conditioning recommendations. If you believe there is a need for repairs with your home we ask the you first consider HD as an option – they will play a big role in setting community standards well above other Cumberland resort options. As a reminder HD is experiencing a high velocity of seasonal calls (Thank You) and will address your needs in a fast courtesy manner.

Restaurant – During the meeting Saturday Developer Tony DelSpina reiterated the recent strategy regarding LCR Restaurant & Boat facilities. If you are not aware the HOA does not own or have any investment in the Restaurant & Boat Storage facilities. These operations are managed privately and require connect with LCR rental offices located at 500 Roberts Bend Road. However, we all recognize the value and need for easy access to Food, Gas, Ice, Propane, and Grocery Supplies. The DelSpinas took control back over with the restaurant last September after terminating lease agreement with Property Management. Over the winter these facilities have undergone many repairs and upgrades to accommodate HOA owners & Renters visiting our Resort. Most agree that like Home Service these operations  are vital to the overall operation and experience. Although we still in the process of confirming all the exact details regarding Restaurant operations details should be available shortly. During the Saturday meeting Tony gave explanation on why the need to convert to a private club status along with operational dates (late May opening through November). Once we get everything confirmed including menu and service details will be communicated to you. If you have question please make sure you call LCR Offices at 606-561-5611.

Looking forward to seeing you at the lake.


Spring Home Improvement & Coupon From House Doctors

Homeowners know that it’s the season for spring cleaning. Mild weather, sunshine, and longer days make spring the ideal time to get a jump on your household cleaning to-do list. Read on for tips and checklists to get you started!

Declutter and Destress

Junk piles up quickly in your home, especially if you have a busy family. Welcome the spring season with a clean and clutter-free environment by donating old clothes, furniture, toys, and even unwanted winter items like coats, hats, scarves, and gloves.

Spring Forward

Use the extra hour of evening daylight to tackle an outdoor chore in the garden or back yard! Plan a new landscape, lay the groundwork for a stone or concrete patio, or just give the garden a fresh layer of mulch. There’s no better way to welcome spring than by spending some time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

Deep Cleaning

There are some household chores you only need to tackle once or twice a year, and spring is the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get to work.Here are a few common tasks on the lists of homeowners in your area:

·       Clean and pressure wash windows/dust and clean blinds

·       Steam clean carpets

·       Scrub baseboards

·       Dust and mop behind appliances

·       Apply fresh coats of paint to walls in high-traffic rooms

·       Remove shelving from refrigerator and wash thoroughly

·       Organize closets

·       Purge clutter and donate unwanted items

Spring Cleaning Supplies

When you start your projects, don’t forget the right tools for the job. Make sure to have these supplies on hand:

·       Bucket or pail

·       Rags, sponges, and scrub brushes

·       Vinegar, bleach, dish soap, or other preferred cleaning agents

·       Paper towels

·       Rubber gloves

·       Vacuum, broom, duster, etc.

Quick Tip:

Did you know that diluted white vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner? Use it on nearly any surface, from windows to bathtubs to countertops. If you find the smell too strong or unpleasant, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.


Help from a Handyman

We could all use a hand with our home to-do list. For help with pressure washing your windows, sprucing up the drab rooms in your home, and everything in between, call House Doctors to hire a professional handyman for all your spring cleaning needs!


Congratulations to House Doctors!We are proud to announcement that our House Doctors team was recently awarded Franchise of the Year – 2016. Congratulations to Bart Williams and crew. Thank You again to all that have reached out and began utilizing HD for home services. You will find and eager nationally recognized team to support your personal needs. 606-677-0799 /

House Doctors
Home Check Program – up and running provides service to the homeowners for a minimal charge of $30/monthly. This would include a monthly inspection of the interior & exterior of your home from a security and maintenance standpoint. They check the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing in your home. This service would also include routine furnace filter replacements. Seasonal items like winterization and a spring checkup are included. A severe weather checkup, in the event of weather extremes (heavy rain, snow, ice, wind or frigid temps) would be performed at no additional charge. In the event they find something that needs addressed, they will convey this on to the homeowner along with a solution and estimate. In the event of emergency repairs they would be ready to act immediately to protect and preserve your home.
Mowing Season – Call for estimate
April/Saturdays – Both Bart & JR will be available to complete free on site estimates from
9 am – 1 pm. Ask them to either call or email to schedule an appointment.

911 Compliance
We have finalized sign options that are compliant with County. The options will include highly reflective sign 3” X 14” in either a Brown or Black background based on what best matches your exterior. The cost is $55.00 and includes order, delivery, and installation. Please contact House Doctors for installation. Our goal is to have the resort fully compliant by Memorial Day in prep for Summer Season. If you have additional questions please utilize

Lawn Care
Please make sure you have a plan for your 2017 lawn care. We recommend calling House Doctors at 606-677-0799 for an estimate. You can also email at

Street/Gate Signs
We have the design and plan in place to address street signs but this action will require execution in phases due to budget and more likely a priority in late 2017 or early 2018. The poles are expensive and we have other items to address around the pools that take priority.

Maintenance Update
We are focused on resort conditioning and preparing for the summer season including standard pool prep.

We continue to work on streamlining accounting and collection. As of this writing, there is still roughly $113,000.00 of delinquent payments. If we had a few delinquent owners pay their assessments, we could complete the street sign project among others things. We will work toward a simplified assessment structure for 2018. With considerable lot consolidation over the last two years, we will also need to address that in the 2018 budget.

Dumpster Policy
We have been experiencing debris at the dumpsters that is creating both Safety and Damage issues. The HOA rents the dumpsters but we are responsible for the damage. So when you deposit items such as construction materials, beds, TV’s, furniture etc not designed for landfill, we run the risk of breakdown/damage. These costs can be very expensive and eat into an already taxed budget. Additionally, someone needs to manage these items in an effort keep the trash area clean. This creates a safety risk that can lead to personal injury. If you have large items please contact Security or House Doctors for assistance.

LCR Letter to the Resort on the Country Store/Restaurant
You may have received a letter in the mail regarding Tony’s effort to open and operate a restaurant and store. That is completely independent of LCRCA. We do not own the property nor have we contributed any money from LCRCA funds to this venture. Any payments for the Restaurant Membership go to the Lake Cumberland Rental Office. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Saturday March 4th Quarterly Meeting and Agenda

March 4 Quarterly Board Meeting and Agenda

This is a reminder that the next Board meeting will be Saturday March 4 at 10AM at the Chapel.  We have a very busy agenda (attached below) with several updates for the Members.  We hope you can be present.
We have several Member requests that we received through email.  Those requests will be part of our agenda.  If you have questions or issues, you would like us to address, we need to know those now.  If we don’t know about it, we likely will not have answers for you next Saturday.
After our Member meeting, Bart and JR from House Doctors will be there to introduce themselves and talk about their services.  It is a great time to meet the folks that are taking care of the resort.

Please send any questions or comments to

Regular Board Meeting
Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association
March 4th 2017 10:00 am
Call to Order- President
Roll Call-Secretary
Welcoming comments from the President

Old Business
1. Minutes of last regular Board Meeting 10/24/1
2. Minutes of Action Without Meeting 12/08/16
New Business
1. Pools Update
2. Pond at Gate 5
3. Grounds Maintenance Overview 2017
4. House Doctor Operation Overview & transition
5. Gate Code Policy
6. Lien Protocol / Definition of Bad Standing
7. Security Policies including Bad Standing Actions
8. Boat Ramp & floating dock update
9. Proposed Mailbox Repair & Expansion
Resort Operation Report
1. Financial update
2. Accounts Receivable & Delinquencies
3. Recent Project Updates
4. Request for Action from Property Owners

Director’s Reports
Open Discussion by Members – 20 minutes Total Time Allowed – 3 minutes per person

LCRCA Update and Announcement

“Who do we call?”

 This is still the most common question.  Please take a moment and put these two numbers in your cell phone:

  • LCRCA security at 606-561-0179
  • House Doctors at 606-677-0799.

When you get stuck at a gate or have a problem with your dishwasher, these two numbers come in handy.  We are in process of putting up signage, but until that is complete, these two cell numbers will solve your issues.  For other non-emergency items, please email at


With the addition of several permanent residents recently, we are exploring options so you can get mail at the resort

Security Announcement

Please join us in congratulating Robert Bradshaw on his promotion today to Chief of Security for Lake Cumberland Resort.  In the short time Rob has been on board with House Doctors he has shown a willingness step up to the plate, by becoming a team player for House Doctors!  Rob’s commitment to our company, the professional manner in which he conducts himself in his duties and his desire to ensure  the homeowners along with their guests have a great and  safe time too while in the resort led to his promotion! 

Rob is assuming his new position immediately!  We are sure he will continue to be an asset to the LCR community and House Doctors!

 Bart & JR