LCRCA Update 6/22/2017

LCRCA Updates

Annual Member Meeting—Date change

The annual Member meeting will now take place on July 15 at 10:00AM. Place to be determined. Please note this meeting is moved up a week so we have a quorum.

Pool 3 Update

The goal is to have Pool 3 open in time for July 4 Holiday. The pool company we are using advised us that the damage to Pool 3 was caused by improperly closing the pool in the fall. While Pool 3 was drained, it was determined that the best course of action was to properly paint the pool as well. We had similar issues with Pool 5 that caused parts to crack and a bulkhead needing to be replaced.

 Gate Repairs

A lighting strike created major damage, at Gate 2. The lift gate has been raised to avoid risk of damage to passing cars. Parts have been ordered and we believe gate to be back in operation by the end of the week. Gate 3 had a circuit board failure and the parts are ordered. Again, this gate was placed in “open” mode to avoid any risk to homeowners. Although we are not comfortable with leaving a gate open due to traffic, it is our only option. Security detail has been heightened in those areas in an effort to stop any unwelcome visitors. We expect repairs completed by the end of the week. It will take time, but House Doctors is slowly going through all the gates and making proper repairs. Like the pools, the gates appeared to be repaired in a temporary and makeshift manner. While it is not visible, there are major upgrades and work going on to straighten these out. It will take time. Some of the major overhauls will not be completed in 2017, but we are confident these gates will work better than ever.

House Doctors

We have had comments from two owners that we are encouraging everyone to use House Doctors and it did not seem appropriate to them. We are indeed encouraging everyone to use House Doctors and we do think it is appropriate. All one has to do is look at the work completed in the resort. We have had dozens of comments that the resort looks “better than ever”. We have gotten more projects completed with less of a budget. We paid Bell Property Management more than we are paying House Doctors today. That is all due to House Doctors taking a calculated risk. Their core business is home repair. Their goal was do a good job on the resort to give them opportunities to quote other business. Prior to 2017, the number one member complaint was being able to find a quality person or company to do general repairs. We found it in House Doctors. While no one is obligated to do business with House Doctors, I don’t know why you would not at least get a quote from them. Ask the folks in the resort that have used them. We have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Note from House Doctors

There are members that have minor concrete work that they want to get completed. It is most cost effective to use an entire batch of concrete. If anyone has a concrete project that they want to get completed, please contact us as soon as possible. Buying in bulk, at one time, could save everyone hundreds of dollars.   Call 606-677-0799 or email

Finance Update

The one comment that has consistently come out of the Quarterly Meetings is who owes us money and who has liens filed on their property. Below is the public record of liens that we have filed. The good news is the Huber property has been foreclosed on. We are working with the new bank owner to get payment. After Huber we have eight properties with liens or some legal judgment. We also have two additional owners with past due balances owed, but no lien yet.

z Huber 104R  HOA lien 70/646 dtd 09-04-2014; 46/555 dtd 10-16-08; 59/341 dtd 06-2011; 38/297 dtd 04-18-2007
Z KLEMAN 55R  HOA liens  70/647 dtd 09-03-2014; 66/544 dtd 05-22-2013; 60/540 dtd 08-24-2011; 62/325 dtd 02-29-2012
z Jennings Slaughter/Hoyt Lucas 24R       RJ lien 76/679                dtd 03-15-2017
Z COX 25V         HOA lien 76/276 dtd 12-12-2016
Z KLEMAN 56R  HOA lien 66/546 dtd 05-22-2013
z Carter 102R     HOA lien 76/272 dtd 12-12-2016
z Lucas 37C       HOA lien 76/283 dtd 12-12-2016
Z Linkmeyer 15 IC HOA lien 76/281 dtd 12-12-2016
Z THOMPSON 30E HOA lien 76/586 dtd 02-28-2017

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