LCRCA Update 10.11.2017

LCRCA UPDATE—October 11, 2017

Next Board Meeting is October 21 at 10AM
Since these meetings are lightly attended, we plan to have it in the office of House Doctors at the LCR Sales office. This meeting will include the 2018 budget and the changes heading into next year.

Pools have been resurfaced
We are almost complete with the full painting and resurfacing of the pools. They should look great next season. New covers were ordered for each pool. We plan to order furniture for Pool 3 similar to the other pools.

Tennis Court resurfaced and restored
The tennis court has been sealed and repainted.

Next Project: filling in old pond
The timing is still to be determined, but we will start to fill in the hole that was once a pond behind Gate #5. It was never properly engineered to be a pond. We had vandalism issues there and it is an insurance liability. The best decision is to fill it in and make it a nice green space. This may be a long project to complete.

Rock Removal
There will be more information to come, but when we start filling in the old pond behind Gate #5, we will start by filling it with rock laying around on common ground that would allow for easier maintenance. We will be renting equipment to do this. If you have rocks or other objects you would like to have removed, perhaps we can pool resources to do this. The cost of moving your rocks would be much less than if you did it on your own. We also have a ready disposal area for them.

Concrete/Asphalt Review
We are getting estimates and plans for the next road/ditch project. Like rock removal, if you have concrete work you are thinking about, contact House Doctors. It is much less expensive to order full truckloads and use them. You can send an email to You can get an estimate for your own work at this time.

Tree/Stump Removal
We may plan for a day or two remove tree stumps. Again, if there is enough demand, we can rent the equipment and share some cost. We will discuss more on this topic later.

Gate Repair Update
All the gates have been overhauled at this point except Gate 5. We are also looking into adding the same type of gates at all the entrances

Forced Maintenance Update
We are happy to report that as of today, we have zero properties under a forced maintenance program. We had to cut the grass twice on a foreclosed property, but that has since been contracted out. We also think this speaks well to the relative financial health of our Members.

Trash Compactor Usage
We continue to have issues with construction materials and appliances being tossed into the Compactors. We also have issues with trash being dropped off near the compactors. This is especially concerning with bear activity near Gate 1. There are signs clearly listing the security number if the trash compactor is full. We can be on top of this with just a little help from you and your guests. It is disappointing that we continue to have these issues. We will move some cameras around to monitor this more closely.

911 Compliance
This is a reminder to get a house number on your home. It is a county ordinance. For those of you that rent your home, your guests routinely need to ask security for help. When they are working on another matter, your renter is lost. You can use House Doctors to affix the number or you can do it yourself. Please get your home in compliance.

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