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Finance Update 2018 Assessment

Finance Update—Update #2 on 2018 Assessment

The list of names at the bottom of the Assessment update sent Monday was in error. That was a list from a year ago when we were updating all email addresses. Please disregard that list. It is meaningless.

All of you should have received an email on or about November 1, 2017 with the subject line of

You have an invoice from Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association, Inc. due on 01/01/18.

These emails include an attachment that is your invoice. You do not have to set up an account through if you prefer not to. You can simply pay from the invoice. Note the address for payment is:

PO Box 1487
Somerset, KY 42502

This email with the same subject line was sent again on December 10. So if you have not received any emails with this subject, then please send an email to

Only accounts with balances will get the email reminders. If you just mailed a check and/or sent to the Burnside PO box then it is likely not been updated yet. Please allow up to two weeks for your account to be updated. The box is checked weekly and the accounts are then updated the next day. Yes, paying through your bank still means the bank will mail us a check. That can add a week to the payment process.

Several people have used the ACH option and credit card option. You are not required to do this. It is an option. You can mail a check or pay through your bank. If you set up an ACH payment with a date in the future to pay, you will continue to receive the notices until the funds are paid. Credit card transactions do take a few days to clear as well. If you pay by credit card, you will be charged the processing fee by the credit card company. That rate should be 2.75%

Your original invoice was emailed on or about November 1. A reminder notice was emailed on December 10 for those with balances. If you have not done so, please take a moment and open your invoice in or the email attachment. As a reminder, your 2018 annual assessment is due in FULL by January 1, 2018. Your account is considered delinquent after January 31, 2018. Past due balances will have a lien placed with a more progressive collection process in 2018. Allow 10-14 days for your check to clear our bank lockbox and hit your account.

If you have not received any invoice notifications, please update your email address by sending an email to That means your email address in our accounting system is wrong. We need to update it. You can access your account at any time by setting up an account on Follow the instructions on the emailed invoice. Of course, feel free to send a note to and we will address your issue as timely as we can.

2018 Assessment

The 2018 Assessment was emailed on Thursday.  Please advise if you did not receive your assessment invoice(s).  Please note all payments are due IN FULL no later than January 1, 2018.  Your account would be delinquent with any balance after January 31, 2018.  You should receive a separate invoice for each property you own.  Many will receive just one invoice.  Those owners in the villas section will receive a separate invoice for the villas fees.  Boat Owners will also receive a separate invoice for their boat storage expenses.  So a Member with boat storage and a home in the villas section would receive three invoices.

You can pay on line and/or with a credit card (member pays credit card fee).  Most owners prefer to mail their payment.  If mailing check, please remit payment to:

PO Box 1487
Somerset, KY 42502

If you have any questions, please send an email to

LCRCA Update 10.11.2017

LCRCA UPDATE—October 11, 2017

Next Board Meeting is October 21 at 10AM
Since these meetings are lightly attended, we plan to have it in the office of House Doctors at the LCR Sales office. This meeting will include the 2018 budget and the changes heading into next year.

Pools have been resurfaced
We are almost complete with the full painting and resurfacing of the pools. They should look great next season. New covers were ordered for each pool. We plan to order furniture for Pool 3 similar to the other pools.

Tennis Court resurfaced and restored
The tennis court has been sealed and repainted.

Next Project: filling in old pond
The timing is still to be determined, but we will start to fill in the hole that was once a pond behind Gate #5. It was never properly engineered to be a pond. We had vandalism issues there and it is an insurance liability. The best decision is to fill it in and make it a nice green space. This may be a long project to complete.

Rock Removal
There will be more information to come, but when we start filling in the old pond behind Gate #5, we will start by filling it with rock laying around on common ground that would allow for easier maintenance. We will be renting equipment to do this. If you have rocks or other objects you would like to have removed, perhaps we can pool resources to do this. The cost of moving your rocks would be much less than if you did it on your own. We also have a ready disposal area for them.

Concrete/Asphalt Review
We are getting estimates and plans for the next road/ditch project. Like rock removal, if you have concrete work you are thinking about, contact House Doctors. It is much less expensive to order full truckloads and use them. You can send an email to You can get an estimate for your own work at this time.

Tree/Stump Removal
We may plan for a day or two remove tree stumps. Again, if there is enough demand, we can rent the equipment and share some cost. We will discuss more on this topic later.

Gate Repair Update
All the gates have been overhauled at this point except Gate 5. We are also looking into adding the same type of gates at all the entrances

Forced Maintenance Update
We are happy to report that as of today, we have zero properties under a forced maintenance program. We had to cut the grass twice on a foreclosed property, but that has since been contracted out. We also think this speaks well to the relative financial health of our Members.

Trash Compactor Usage
We continue to have issues with construction materials and appliances being tossed into the Compactors. We also have issues with trash being dropped off near the compactors. This is especially concerning with bear activity near Gate 1. There are signs clearly listing the security number if the trash compactor is full. We can be on top of this with just a little help from you and your guests. It is disappointing that we continue to have these issues. We will move some cameras around to monitor this more closely.

911 Compliance
This is a reminder to get a house number on your home. It is a county ordinance. For those of you that rent your home, your guests routinely need to ask security for help. When they are working on another matter, your renter is lost. You can use House Doctors to affix the number or you can do it yourself. Please get your home in compliance.

Contact the Board
Use our email:

Next Board Meeting is Oct. 21 @ 10:00am Agenda Attached

Next Board Meeting is October 21 at 10AM
Since these meetings are lightly attended, we plan to have it in the office of House Doctors at the LCR Sales office. This meeting will include the 2018 budget and the changes heading into next year.


Regular Board Meeting

Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association

October 21st, 2017 10:00 a.m.

Call to Order- President

Roll Call-Secretary

Welcoming comments from the President

 Old Business

  1. Minutes of last regular board meeting 8/29/17
  2. Action Without Meeting 10/9/17

New Business

  1. House Doctors Contract
  2. Dues Leveling
  3. Announcement of 2018 meeting dates/times
  4. Vote to approve the 2018 Budget per Finance Committee Recommendations
  5. Committee Opportunities 2018

Property Manager’s Report

  1. Financial update
  2. Accounts Receivable & Delinquencies
  3. Recent Project Updates
  4. Finance Actions to be reviewed in Executive Session

 Director’s Reports

Open Discussion by Members – 20 minutes Total Time Allowed – 3 minutes per person


August 29th Board Meeting Agenda

Call in number 712-451-0011 participation code 257632.


Regular Board Meeting – Teleconference

Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association

August 29th 2017 6:00 pm

Call to Order- President

Roll Call- Secretary

Confirmation of Quorum

Welcoming comments from the President

 Old Business

  1. Minutes of last regular Board Meeting 5/13/17
  2. Minutes from the July 15th 2017 Homeowners Meeting
  3. Minutes from the July 15th 2017 Organizational Meeting

New Business

  1. Finance Update


Motion to Adjourn:

Executive Session


LCRCA Update 7.24.2017

LCRCA Update 7/24/2017

This week: County will be working on Keno Road including mowing & trash removal.

 Homeowner Request from Annual HOA Meeting:

Tennis Court recondition – add Basketball courts

Sign Trash Compactors to clearly remind Owner / Guest of acceptable items

Contact County and report Ramp concerns with loitering – completed

Sign recommendation in Ramp area regarding car / trailer parking suggestion & policy

2017 Accomplishments & Changes

  • Property Manager position eliminated
  • House Doctors awarded Security, Grounds, and Maintenance contracts.
  • Insurance overhaul & agent(s) change – increased coverage includes umbrella policy ($10MM), property damage & common grounds, Fidelity bond and D&O Insurance. Having proper coverage does come at a price with 2017@ $16k versus $4k in 2016. We will be working with Finance committee to offset cost without reducing services.
  • Accounting change with CPA firms; new provider is Shriver & Co. We have automated every aspect of bookkeeping in an effort to keep costs down.
  • The HOA is down to eight Members and ten Properties that have a past due balance. We have notified four delinquent owners that we are starting the foreclosure process without payment.
  • New attorney addition; Joe Grimme, hired to focus on Property / Collections opportunities.
  • Current Grounds contract on pace versus budget including the removal of 152 truckloads of debris and overgrowth.
  • We have zero properties in the forced maintenance program today resulting in better overall cash flow.
  • Pools 3, and 5 have been repainted. All pool house/storage units/ grounds received various levels of rehab / replacement.   Pools will be properly closed this season to avoid damage and pre-prep for early 2018 openings.
  • Replaced/Installed critical signs on one way streets; cost associated will assist with  determining 2018 full resort rollout. Comparing cost without compromising quality.
  • LCRCA fences repaired throughout the resort.
  • Boat dock rehabbed.
  • Most LCRCA landscaping rehabbed & cleaned up. The Grounds Committee will review all locations to assess were cost can be reduced.
  • Major overhaul and maintenance on all gates including Indian Creek underway. This is an ongoing challenge due to continuous damage during peak season. Security intervention has allowed to pursue repayment in several situations. We are exploring cost option to integrate 3rd party quarterly maintenance provider.
  • We have updated Security and Cameras in an effort to increased coverage during peak times.
  • Thanks to HOA homeowner we are very near completion of an accurate listing / mapping of properties through PVA.
  • We continue to build on communication by updating website and providing regular email correspondence.


Issues that still hold us back and cost you money

  • We finished 2016 with a $60k deficit due to budget overrun, gap was resolved through numerous efforts including eliminating Property Mgr position, automating collections, aggressively pursuing bad debt, offset – delay 2017 projects.
  • Spent $70,989.43 with attorneys handling the Thompson/Westendorf case since 2013.
  • The cost of collection—we have spent $96,211.43 on various collection issues and lawsuits with Orwin over the last 10 years.
  • We need more Members to participate on a committee.
  • We need better participation in Member voting, our goal is 100% representation versus availability.
  • We need to get 100% of homes within 911 compliance. This process will remain a focal point once street signs project is completed. This will serve Emergency Services, HOA Security (time savings), and Guest.

2018 Finance Projects

  • Standardize and simplify the association assessment structure. The only differential would be those in the Villas association with their mandated funds.
  • Align accounts and lots in system to be better organized for 2018 billing and beyond. Need to adjust for lot consolidation that was not considered last year.
  • Establish a higher reserve account to help future insurance rates.
  • The 2018 budget is facing $14K deficit with increased insurance coverage. We need to revisit all line items in an effort to avoid an increase in 2018 assessment (Finance committee priority).

2018 Project List

  • Will review increasing Security during peak season, establish capital investment budget built to support upgrades in cameras, computers, & safety equipment.
  • Engineer to review next section of roads/ditches to improve.
  • Gate 5 overhaul.
  • Resurface tennis court – Basketball installation.
  • Fill in and redesign area that was formerly a pond at Gate 5.
  • Uniform Street signs through resort.
  • Pool 3 pool furniture upgraded (same as #1 & #5), landscaping / cement stain.
  • Pool 1 repainted since it was not done properly last year. Purchase covers for all three pools.
  • Finish replacing mulch with rock in LCRCA garden areas. TBD based on Committee recommendations.
  • Gazebo area fixed and cleaned up—should be complete in 2017.

Election Results 7.15.2017

Election Results

Homeowners Annual Meeting

Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association

July 15th, 2017

Dear Homeowners

On behalf of the Board of Directors and LCRCA Staff we would like to Thank You for your continued support in building our community. This year’s Annual Meeting was held July 15th at 10:00 a.m. The only item on the Agenda was the election of Directors to serve a term of three years. There was a total of 168 proxies / ballots present with the following results:

David Remley: 168

Keith Stockberger: 167

Walt Thurnau: 168

The following changes will be effective August 1st, 2017:

David Remley – President

Dr. Tony Rodgers – Vice President

Steve Halpin – Treasurer

Gary Seagraves – Secretary

Walt Thurnau – Board Member

Keith Stockberger – Board Member

Jean Kaste – Board Member

Based on the record proxy / ballot turnout it is clear that we have a very active and supportive community. We are blessed that when requested Homeowners respond and willing to participate in actions that serve the interest of our greater community. Look for an update in the near future that includes request expressed from Homeowners, completed & planned projects for 2017, opportunities to consider in 2018.

Thank You for the opportunity to serve.

Lake Cumberland Board of Directors

LCR Security & Staff

House Doctors – Services

LCRCA Annual Meeting Agenda

Homeowners Annual Meeting

Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association

July 15th, 10:00 a.m. 2017

Call in Number: 712-451-0011 Pass Code: 257632

Call to order- President

Roll Call and verify quorum- Chair – Quorum is based on the votes represented.

Confirmation of a quorum – present and by proxy – Chair

Procedures for the meeting – Chair

New Business

Motion to Approve 2016 Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Election of three Directors terms begin August 1, 2017


Dave Remley

Keith Stockberger

Walt Thurnau






LCRCA Annual Meeting Location/Update

Annual Member Meeting is scheduled for July 15, 2017 at 10:00AM

 The location will be at the restaurant/store. We are still running very close on a total to have a valid vote. Please send a note to if you plan to attend. Typically this meeting is lightly attended.

 Please vote in person or by proxy

In order to have a valid election, the by-laws require a majority of the Members vote. So please consider voting by proxy if you cannot attend. You may vote by proxy by contacting the Secretary, Gary Seagraves. There are usually others circulating proxy ballots. Your vote is important no matter how you vote. Please send an email to if you want to cast a ballot in advance by proxy. It would be shame to cancel this meeting due to a lack of a valid vote.

Committees will be formalized soon after a valid election

This year, we have three spots up for election. Dave Remley, Keith Stockberger and Walt Thurnau have all decided to run for re-election. At this time, we have no other people applying to run for a seat on the Board. This is also the time when committees are updated. Please consider getting involved by volunteering for a committee. Please see the website for a listing of committees and reach out to if you are interested. This is a great way to get involved and hopefully develop future Board Members. It is our goal to have new people join the Board.