LCRCA Board 

For general inquiries please use E-mail:

PRESIDENT Dr. Tony Rogers


SECRETARY Gary Seagraves

TREASURER Steve Halpin

DIRECTORS  Keith Stockberger, Walter Thurnau, Al Grasch

Committee Members

-GROUNDS COMMITTEE – CHAIRMAN GARY SEAGRAVES members GARY ATHON, KIT EDWARDS, and WALT THURNAU SONDRA GREENE. ALSO KNOWN AS THE VILLAS GROUNDS  COMMITTEE. The Grounds Committee shall advise the Board of Directors on matters concerning maintenance of Common Area.  No live trees shall be moved from Common Area nor shall any alteration or improvement be made to Common Area except with the approval of the Board of Directors and in accordance with the Declaration.

-ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE (ARC) – CHAIRMAN GARY SEAGRAVES members , DR. TONY ROGERS, JOHN KASTE, AND DIANNA PULLIAM. The Architectural Review Committee shall serve as a resource and to guide the owners, builders, and designers of homes within the Lake Cumberland Resort and to initiate actions to enforce violations of the Architectural Design Guidelines of the Lake Cumberland Resort.

-FINANCE COMMITTEE – CHAIRMAN STEVE HALPIN members JOHN KASTE, TOM GREENE,  GARY ATHON, DAVE REMLEY,  WALT THURNAU and DENNIS WHITMAN. The Finance Committee shall in general supervise, direct and control all matters pertaining to Association finances including, but not limited to, the placing of insurance, the filing of tax returns, the payment of taxes, the preparation of the annual operating budget for approval by the Board of Directors, preparation of current reports for the Board of Directors and the Association’s financial condition and the issuance to Members of a condensed quarterly operating statement.  The Finance Committee shall have the power, with the approval of the Board of Directors, to direct the Association, to employ at the expense of the Association, such clerical aid and assistance as may be necessary to handle the accounts.

-LEGAL AND BYLAWS COMMITTEE – CHAIRMAN TONY ROGERS members DAVE REMLEY, MELISSA SCHOLL, STEVE HALPIN, AL GRASCH, and JEAN KASTE. The Legal and Bylaws Committee shall be charged with the publication and interpretation of the rules and regulation, bylaws and the Declaration and, in general, with all matters of a legal nature pertaining to the Association.  All disputes or claims in any way pertaining to any claim made against the association by any member, shall first be presented to the Legal and Bylaws committee who shall determine the validity and adjudicate any such claim. Any party aggrieved by a decision of the Legal and By-Laws Committee, shall within 30 days of any decision of the legal and Bylaws committee appeal that decision to the board of directors of the association. Any person or entity aggrieved by the decision shall have  shall follow the procedure set forth in Article XII, section 6 “Dispute Resolution”.

-NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE- CHAIRMAN – GARY SEAGRAVES members DOUG DAVIS, STEVE HALPIN, DAVE REMLEY, WALT THURNAU and KEITH STOCKBERGER. The Newsletter Committee shall supervise and control the preparation of a newsletter for distribution to all Members.