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September Update

End of a Great Summer
On behalf of the LCRCA Board we would like to Thank You for your continued support. It’s hard to believe the Summer is just about over as we move into the Fall Season. Although we are unable to verify visitation totals we believe the Resort and surrounding communities experienced another busy year. Our pool upgrades including new Buildings, Pumps, Cement Sealing, and much anticipated Furniture was well received.

There are several projects we will focus on over the next couple of months including Pool Repair – Winter Prep and Sink Hole Gate #5.

August Board Meeting
The LCRCA completed their Board Meeting 8/27/2018 – all minutes from the 5/19/2018 Board Meeting, Homeowners Meeting 7/14/2018, and Organizational Meeting 7/23/2018 have been posted.

LCRCA Website
If you are new to the community or would like to source information please feel free to utilize This is the official site for Homeowner information.

The pools will remain open through 9/9/2018 to support Labor Day and Poker Run weekends. We will begin to drain the pools week of 9/10 to repair damage from Vandalism that occurred earlier this summer. All parts are on site with no expected delays. Pool #1 filter will also need to be replaced prior to final shutdown. This should leave pools in open ready conditions for 2019 season. Thank You for cleaning up, reporting incidents, managing umbrellas, etc. throughout the season in an effort to provide the best possible experience.

Boat Ramp
We expect the Boat Ramp will remain functional as the lake continues to drop. We are however bolted into the last slot on the ramp so if there is any addition drop in lake levels the Ramp will be pulled for the season. This location is the source of many complaints throughout the summer with the majority related to Parking. As you are aware the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for Ramp Operations and Conditions. As a community we do our best to work with the U.S. Army to report and update. If you would like to learn more visit Nashville District , U.S. Army Corps Engineers. Any questions related to both water levels and temps at Lake Cumberland can be found by visiting

Contactus since its inception has continued to be a valuable tool to connect with our HOA community. Most request are fairly simple and include gate code request, comments & observations, suggestions, wildlife updates such as Bear, Deer, Snakes. We appreciate everyone utilizing the service and work hard to answer your needs as quickly as possible. However, moving forward we are requesting a couple of additional pieces of information: 1) please identify who you are so we can verify Home Ownership. This site service is strictly for Owners and designed to protect security while servicing your personal needs. In many cases there will be a fairly quick response, with items that are identified as more complex we may elect to table for the quarterly Board meetings. This will give us time to review with Board, Committees, and or Legal.

Pulaski County Officials
If you have questions about Keno Road or Pulaski County please feel free to source information from our elected officials: Steve Kelley, Pulaski County Judge/Executive 100 N. Main Street, Ste 202 Somerset Kentucky 42501. Our County 5th District Magistrate elect is Mike Strunk. These individuals usually assist with Road conditions which is another question that is often ask of the Board. We have a good relationship with both elected officials and try to remain connected throughout the year on behalf of the HOA. If you choose to connect please do so as an individual and not an elected official of LCRCA.

As you may be aware there was another drowning confirmed week of August 13th. Needless to say the one common connection is “No Life Preserver”. If you are entering the lake or streams this upcoming holiday please ensure everyone is outfitted with the correct safety equipment.

Thank You again – Have A Great Labor Day.


August 27th Board Meeting Agenda

Regular Board Meeting
Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association
August 27th 2018 6:00 pm

Call in number: 712-451-0011 Act#257632

Call to Order- President
Roll Call-Secretary
Welcoming comments from the President

 Old Business

  1. Minutes from the Board Meeting 05/19/18
  2. Minutes from the Homeowner Meeting 7/14/18
  3. Minutes from the Organization Meeting 7/23/18

New Business

  1. Pools Update – Repairs – Equipment
  2. Grounds Maintenance Update: Gates, Grounds, Lighting

 Resort Operation/Finance Report

  1. Current Financial Standing

 Director’s Reports


Gate Update

Silent Guard has spent the better part of 2 days onsite addressing the gate issues.

Gate 1 outbound – Parts on order, any day.

Gate 3 outbound – Back in operation.  Thanks to Sonny & Rob’s trouble shooting Silent Guard was able to come in and get this one back up and operational in short order with minimum repairs needed.

Gate 5 – The new arm was installed.  They found what might be a bad splice in the line and as a result relocated the control panel eliminating the need for a splice all together.  Does that mean its good to go?  Time will tell.

Gate 6 – Replaced the batteries in the keypad.

In summary Gate 1 outbound is the only gate not working at the present time.

August Update


As mentioned in the July update if you see issues in and around the dumpsters during peak season please let us know. For both our Homeowners and Guest we want to create a great experience.

Wildlife is active within Pulaski County

Black Bear – continues to be seen within the Resort on a weekly basis. If you do experience a Bear encounter please be sure to report time and location to our Security team. Updates will be provided quickly.

Timber Rattler & Copperheads – indigenous to the Southern KY geography we are experiencing sightings daily. Copperheads have been seen on average 6+ per evening by Security behind all resort gates. As we move into the dry hot summer this snake will seek cool / moist areas. Please be careful to check around pools / avoid trails & mud holes where possible. Park Services has alerted us that Timber Rattlers are in peak mating season and on the move throughout SE KY. These snakes seek warm / shaded areas and are most often sighted late afternoon and evenings. If your home has a garage please make sure you keep all doors closed when not in use. If you are walking in the evenings bring a flashlight – Timbers look for warm pavement & concrete.

Election Results

Election Results

Homeowners Annual Meeting

Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association

July 14th, 2018

Dear Homeowners

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank you for your continued support in building our community. This year’s Annual Meeting was held July 14th at 10:00 a.m. The only item on the Agenda was the election of two Board Members to serve a term of three years. There were a total of 165 proxies / ballots present with the following results:

Steve Halpin – 136

Jean Kaste – 132

Gerald Dick – 35

Dennis Whitman – 13

The following positions will be effective July 14th, 2018:

Dr. Tony Rodgers – President

Gary Seagraves – Vice President & Secretary

Steve Halpin – Treasurer

Walt Thurnau – Board Member

Keith Stockberger – Board Member

Jean Kaste – Board Member

Al Grasch – Board Member

The Board would like to thank all members for their support as we continue to build a strong, active community.

Lake Cumberland Board of Directors

LCRCA Update July 24th

Gate 5 Update

We are still having issues with the gate, but we expect the new parts this week. The manufacturer and Silent Guard seem to be on the same page. We still have cameras on the gate and will continue to monitor.

Contact us Responses

For those of you that use the “contact us” email for issues, our response time is usually less than a day. Many answers come within minutes. Going forward there could be a delay in response time due to changes in work and personal commitments of the volunteer board members. If you do not get an answer within 72 hours, please resend. We will continue to work towards the timely answers most have been accustomed to.

Trash Compactors

Please note the recycle trailer is a free service. We do anticipate when it will be full and contact the company to swap it out. Even with good planning, we are still at their mercy for when they swap it out. While it looks like the trash compactors have had less construction material, we still are having issues. Please make sure your contractors do not use the compactor for their constructions debris. They should be taking it to the dump, not leaving it next to the compactors. When TV’s, old boards, and old fridges are left on the side, we have to pay to have the material hauled away. We try to minimize these trips based on cost. There are going to be times with that material sits. Lastly, when the compactor is full or close to full, please call or text the security number listed at each compactor. Someone will be out to compact. Weekends, especially Sundays, are very heavy garbage days. The garbage is compacted multiple times per day this time of year.

Notes from Member Meeting

We are still trying to gather facts, but as of this writing, the claims of break-ins that were made at the Member Meeting have not been verified by any law enforcement agency. The security staff, in conjunction with the Pulaski County Sheriff, has not been able to substantiate the claims of any break-ins at LCR.

Gate 1 Update

Gate 1 exit is malfunctioning and will be added to the list for a immediate repair.


LCRCA July Update

Gate 5 Status

Silent Guard was out for 3.5 hours on Tuesday morning working on this gate.  While it was operating this afternoon, it is still not right.  We will monitor it closely and additional parts have been ordered.  The hypothesis is the electronics are fine, but the arms may have a mechanical flaw.  That will be repaired.  We have expressed the frustration of the Members that this gate has not been working correctly for months.  Since we essentially just paid for an entire gate in March, this work has been covered under warranty to this point.  If you see or have any issues with Gate 5, please contact security immediately.  Do not manually open or close the gates.

Trash Compactors

While we have a standard plea to not throw metal and other large objects in the trash compactors, we are now asking for you and your guests to contact security if the compactors are full.  We have had several eye witness accounts of bears roaming the resort.  We think we have at least two at this point.  Leaving trash lying around the compactors will attract them.  We prefer the bears naturally make their way back out of the resort.  The phone for security is listed at both trash compactors.

Bear(s) roaming resort

Please use caution as bears have been spotted in the resort.

Election Results

There will be a separate email concerning the election.


Annual Member Meeting

The Annual Member Meeting is at the Restaurant this Saturday, July 14 at 10:00AM.  The only item on the agenda will be to vote for the two open Board positions.  Please make sure to know your lot number and/or full street address when voting in person.  Steve will try to get there about 9:45AM if folks need to verify any lot information.

The candidates are:

Gerald Dick

Steve Halpin

Jean Kaste

Dennis Whitman

Tree Gate 5

RECC will be onsite tomorrow afternoon to take down the tree behind gate 5 that is leaning against the power lines.  They will cut the power for about 1 hour during the process of taking the tree out.