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Next Board Meeting February 17 at 10:00AM

The location will be the Chapel. They have graciously allowed us access. Please note if there is inclement weather, we may have the meeting by conference call only. We will advise if we have conference call only.

CALL IN: (712-451-0011) AND USE ACCESS CODE: (257632).

Board Changes

Al Grasch Appointed to Board

Al Grasch has been appointed by a majority of the Directors to fill the vacant position left by David Remley’s resignation. Al has been a long time owner and a long time participant on various committees. We are very fortunate to have Al join us.

Board Officers

The majority of the Directors also voted to fill the officer position left vacant by David’s resignation. Our new Officer positions are as follows:

PRESIDENT: Dr. Tony Rogers

VICE PRESIDENT: Gary Seagraves

SECRETARY: Gary Seagraves

TREASURER: Steve Halpin

DIRECTORS: Al Grasch, Jean Kaste, Keith Stockberger, and Walt Thurnau

Board Announcement

Board Announcement
Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association
January 29th 2018

We regret to inform the LCRCA Members that long-time volunteer David Remley has tenured his resignation as Board Member and President.

David has been an active owner, community support leader, and committed Board participant for many years. During his tenure David lead a number of initiatives design to support Homeowners, create resort value, and support greater Pulaski County organizations.

Recently David and wife Madoria announced plans to retire after a long productive career, consolidate locations, and build a residence out West. Although the Remley’s have recently listed their home, David will remain active on numerous committees continuing to share knowledge in the areas of Architectural Review, Finance, Legal, and Newsletter. We wish David and Madoria the very best and thank them for their continued support.

We have begun our search to appoint a member for the rest of Dave’s term. Our goal is to have this person in place in time for the next Board Meeting. We will also align the officer positions based on the new Board. We will keep everyone updated.


All LCRCA Owners,

Please note that everyone on the LCRCA newsletter list gets all of these notices. While we think this provides you valuable information for the resort, you may opt out at any time. There is always a link at the bottom. If you opt out, know our only communication to you is email and our web site. Please stay informed.

Next Board Meeting
We will provide more details as the date approaches, but it is currently scheduled for February 17, 2018. We have moved this meeting around in the past in order to get a quorum. We do not have a place to hold a physical meeting at the moment.

2018 Assessments Delinquent January 31, 2018
The majority of members have paid their annual assessment in full. Thank you. Your 2018 Annual Assessment is past due if you have not paid in full. It will be delinquent after January 31, 2018. While everyone is getting this update, only members with an account balance will be getting the emailed invoice reminders. You may look up your account balance at any time through We will be happy to give you an update by emailing us at If you have not mailed your payment yet, we would strongly suggest paying via credit card or ACH through so your payment makes it in on time. The link is on the invoice email. The lockbox is checked on Thursdays. So if your check is in the mail, your account will be updated Friday. We still have people mailing their check to the LCRCA mailbox in Burnside and not the lockbox in Somerset.

If mailing check, please remit payment to:
PO Box 1487
Somerset, KY 42502

That address is listed in the middle of the invoice. Please double check your address. Mailing to the wrong address will delay payment for a week. We had seven checks this past Friday picked up at the mailbox that won’t be posted until next week.

If you are still receiving an emailed invoice, please know it means we do not have your full payment. If you have never received your emailed invoice, please send a note to It is your responsibility to pay your annual assessment in full. The covenants are very clear that it is your responsibility. So if you changed emails, it is your responsibility to keep LCRCA updated. Again, this is really for a minority number of members that have not paid in full.

Bad Standing
We will update liens in early February. You can review the good standing/bad standing policy on the website. Please be advised that anyone that is not paid in full will likely fall under this policy. We will file liens that will add another at least $200 in fees to your balance. You cannot use LCRCA services including the trash compactors while in bad standing. It makes it tough to rent a home without access to trash removal.

We are doing everything in our power to collect assessments timely. The reality is all of us will end up paying for the people that don’t through reduced services and/or higher future assessments. We truly appreciate all of our Members that pay in full and on time—all the time.

Road Project/Hole Project
Work will start to repair 13 concrete drainage areas and also build three new ones. These concrete areas are throughout the resort and will impact almost everyone. These areas will be torn out and fully replaced. Notice will be given to residents when it impacts you. There are some roads that will need to be shut down to allow for excavation and replacement. There will be three new ones created at Serenity Terrance and behind Gate 5. This was deemed to be the most critical repair for our roads. The concrete debris from this project will be used as fill for the hole that used to be a pond behind Gate 5. This hole will be filled in and become a green space. We plan to have this project completed this spring. We will update road detours and give out more information when the project is started.

Concrete Work/Rock Removal
Our road project will mean several loads of concrete will be brought to the resort. If you have a concrete project in mind for your own property, it would make sense to piggyback onto this road project to save yourself a little money. We will also be renting equipment to properly fill the hole at Gate 5. We have had inquiries to remove rock from personal property. With the equipment already in the resort, you can likely get a less expensive estimate to remove large rocks. We recommend contacting House Doctors for quotes at

LCRCA Attorney Letter
We will be sending out a separate email with a letter from our attorney. We hope this answers questions some of you have had.

Property Management
The Board is pleased with the progress we have made on all fronts in 2017. We continue to get positive rulings in Pulaski County in our favor. We have proper insurance coverage and true reserves that put us in solid financial shape. The condition of the resort is the best it has been in years. You should notice a difference in the debris removal, lighting and general upkeep throughout the resort. We appreciate our partnership with House Doctors. We have signed a multi-year agreement to keep them in the resort for years to come. Many Homeowners are using their services for home checks and repairs. We are just getting started here. If you have any repair needs, please call House Doctors at 606-677-0799 or send an email to

Power Outage

Power went out on Jan. 1. but was restored on the afternoon of Jan. 2nd. Given the extremely cold temperatures, we wanted to alert you of the issue. It would be suggested that you have someone check on your home if you are not able. House Doctors does provide a house check program for a fee. Those homes already in that program are being checked again today.

Finance Update 2018 Assessment

Finance Update—Update #2 on 2018 Assessment

The list of names at the bottom of the Assessment update sent Monday was in error. That was a list from a year ago when we were updating all email addresses. Please disregard that list. It is meaningless.

All of you should have received an email on or about November 1, 2017 with the subject line of

You have an invoice from Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association, Inc. due on 01/01/18.

These emails include an attachment that is your invoice. You do not have to set up an account through if you prefer not to. You can simply pay from the invoice. Note the address for payment is:

PO Box 1487
Somerset, KY 42502

This email with the same subject line was sent again on December 10. So if you have not received any emails with this subject, then please send an email to

Only accounts with balances will get the email reminders. If you just mailed a check and/or sent to the Burnside PO box then it is likely not been updated yet. Please allow up to two weeks for your account to be updated. The box is checked weekly and the accounts are then updated the next day. Yes, paying through your bank still means the bank will mail us a check. That can add a week to the payment process.

Several people have used the ACH option and credit card option. You are not required to do this. It is an option. You can mail a check or pay through your bank. If you set up an ACH payment with a date in the future to pay, you will continue to receive the notices until the funds are paid. Credit card transactions do take a few days to clear as well. If you pay by credit card, you will be charged the processing fee by the credit card company. That rate should be 2.75%

Your original invoice was emailed on or about November 1. A reminder notice was emailed on December 10 for those with balances. If you have not done so, please take a moment and open your invoice in or the email attachment. As a reminder, your 2018 annual assessment is due in FULL by January 1, 2018. Your account is considered delinquent after January 31, 2018. Past due balances will have a lien placed with a more progressive collection process in 2018. Allow 10-14 days for your check to clear our bank lockbox and hit your account.

If you have not received any invoice notifications, please update your email address by sending an email to That means your email address in our accounting system is wrong. We need to update it. You can access your account at any time by setting up an account on Follow the instructions on the emailed invoice. Of course, feel free to send a note to and we will address your issue as timely as we can.

2018 Assessment

The 2018 Assessment was emailed on Thursday.  Please advise if you did not receive your assessment invoice(s).  Please note all payments are due IN FULL no later than January 1, 2018.  Your account would be delinquent with any balance after January 31, 2018.  You should receive a separate invoice for each property you own.  Many will receive just one invoice.  Those owners in the villas section will receive a separate invoice for the villas fees.  Boat Owners will also receive a separate invoice for their boat storage expenses.  So a Member with boat storage and a home in the villas section would receive three invoices.

You can pay on line and/or with a credit card (member pays credit card fee).  Most owners prefer to mail their payment.  If mailing check, please remit payment to:

PO Box 1487
Somerset, KY 42502

If you have any questions, please send an email to

LCRCA Update 10.11.2017

LCRCA UPDATE—October 11, 2017

Next Board Meeting is October 21 at 10AM
Since these meetings are lightly attended, we plan to have it in the office of House Doctors at the LCR Sales office. This meeting will include the 2018 budget and the changes heading into next year.

Pools have been resurfaced
We are almost complete with the full painting and resurfacing of the pools. They should look great next season. New covers were ordered for each pool. We plan to order furniture for Pool 3 similar to the other pools.

Tennis Court resurfaced and restored
The tennis court has been sealed and repainted.

Next Project: filling in old pond
The timing is still to be determined, but we will start to fill in the hole that was once a pond behind Gate #5. It was never properly engineered to be a pond. We had vandalism issues there and it is an insurance liability. The best decision is to fill it in and make it a nice green space. This may be a long project to complete.

Rock Removal
There will be more information to come, but when we start filling in the old pond behind Gate #5, we will start by filling it with rock laying around on common ground that would allow for easier maintenance. We will be renting equipment to do this. If you have rocks or other objects you would like to have removed, perhaps we can pool resources to do this. The cost of moving your rocks would be much less than if you did it on your own. We also have a ready disposal area for them.

Concrete/Asphalt Review
We are getting estimates and plans for the next road/ditch project. Like rock removal, if you have concrete work you are thinking about, contact House Doctors. It is much less expensive to order full truckloads and use them. You can send an email to You can get an estimate for your own work at this time.

Tree/Stump Removal
We may plan for a day or two remove tree stumps. Again, if there is enough demand, we can rent the equipment and share some cost. We will discuss more on this topic later.

Gate Repair Update
All the gates have been overhauled at this point except Gate 5. We are also looking into adding the same type of gates at all the entrances

Forced Maintenance Update
We are happy to report that as of today, we have zero properties under a forced maintenance program. We had to cut the grass twice on a foreclosed property, but that has since been contracted out. We also think this speaks well to the relative financial health of our Members.

Trash Compactor Usage
We continue to have issues with construction materials and appliances being tossed into the Compactors. We also have issues with trash being dropped off near the compactors. This is especially concerning with bear activity near Gate 1. There are signs clearly listing the security number if the trash compactor is full. We can be on top of this with just a little help from you and your guests. It is disappointing that we continue to have these issues. We will move some cameras around to monitor this more closely.

911 Compliance
This is a reminder to get a house number on your home. It is a county ordinance. For those of you that rent your home, your guests routinely need to ask security for help. When they are working on another matter, your renter is lost. You can use House Doctors to affix the number or you can do it yourself. Please get your home in compliance.

Contact the Board
Use our email:

Next Board Meeting is Oct. 21 @ 10:00am Agenda Attached

Next Board Meeting is October 21 at 10AM
Since these meetings are lightly attended, we plan to have it in the office of House Doctors at the LCR Sales office. This meeting will include the 2018 budget and the changes heading into next year.


Regular Board Meeting

Lake Cumberland Resort Community Association

October 21st, 2017 10:00 a.m.

Call to Order- President

Roll Call-Secretary

Welcoming comments from the President

 Old Business

  1. Minutes of last regular board meeting 8/29/17
  2. Action Without Meeting 10/9/17

New Business

  1. House Doctors Contract
  2. Dues Leveling
  3. Announcement of 2018 meeting dates/times
  4. Vote to approve the 2018 Budget per Finance Committee Recommendations
  5. Committee Opportunities 2018

Property Manager’s Report

  1. Financial update
  2. Accounts Receivable & Delinquencies
  3. Recent Project Updates
  4. Finance Actions to be reviewed in Executive Session

 Director’s Reports

Open Discussion by Members – 20 minutes Total Time Allowed – 3 minutes per person